Friday, October 14, 2011

Party On A Thursday Night!

Last night was my dad's 29th Birthday. Well, he is not really 29 but I will not out his age to the world! Any who, we had a wonderful time and celebrated my moms at the same time. Hers was just a couple of weeks ago. So last night was the perfect time to get the 13 of us together to eat laugh and celebrate!

There where contests to see who could keep a spoon on their nose the longest.

There was a height contest that Joshua won every time except for against my dad.

We had the evening catered by this wonderful Italian restaurant so there was no cooking on our part.

And then time to blow out the candles.

And as always, when this group of 13 family members get together there is no lack of laughter, loud stories and the knowledge that none of us walk alone. When ever we are out there in the world no matter were we travel we are part of something larger and more then just ourselves. We are part of this incredible, wonderful and loving family!


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