Wednesday, January 21, 2009

More White Chipboard Fun with Frames

I just can't stop the fun with fabulous chipboard shapes. Here is my latest entry into the world of embellishments. They are chipboard frames. I started out with white but I am also going to offer them in solid cardstock as well so that people have options. They have perfect holes for brads to connect them to your project. I love adding demention to a project and with this set of 16 it will be easy for you to do.

I have also had some new keys that I am working on and they will be fun too. I am also going to be making up packages. Maybe you don't want 16 of one thing but 4 of one plus 4 of a bunch of others would be a better configuration. So keep an eye out for those great little starter packages coming your way.

Has it been cold where you all are? It surley has been here. I am totally missing being able to visit with my family with all the weird weather we have been having. The kids have gotten in a bunch of snow time which is grand. Have you sat on a sled in years? I did the other day and I must say it was so funny. Walking back up the hill was a adventure and it makes you feel young. Or maybe that was just the fact that my face was frozen. As you see here, Pat and Noah enjoyed it all as well!


Liz said...

Love those little clipboard frames! And I'm not even a scrapper, but those are tempting. :)

Sited and Blogged said...

I enjoyed visiting your site.