Thursday, January 22, 2009


Yes, mom I did just say AIN'T! It was just used to be silly so stop correcting my! Any who, here is my new fun entry for today. A fun fabulous set of TRAVEL ATC'S. I love this set to make a simple trip of memories really special. The fronts have great travel items such as planes and symbols that point you in the right direction when you are out and about. The backs of this set are great solid colors. You could add embellishments on either side and the project will have that great finished look. And what do you think of this awesome collection of colors. They will POP when you are creating and look fabulous when showing them off.

Oh here is another great idea...Say you are going on a week or two of vacation. In the few minutes before you turn in at night you could jot down the days events on the back side of these ATC's. Then once you get home and get some photos developed add them on and have a finished project of your family VA KA all done. I love the word finished! So lets get going and plane for that winter cruise or develop those photos from last summer. You will love the outcome.

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