Friday, January 30, 2009


I do love the newness of spring and all that comes with it. But these flowers, made with Amy Butler paper have a older feeling to them that I just love. I can not stop using these great crystal brads. They are one of my favorite tools to give a big bump up to a small project!Here is a little ATC that I tossed together with the flowers and this great image.

I am torn on the words, but some must be added. I really am feeling great about getting these quick little projects done like a simple ATC that I can add a picture to the front or back of. BUT JUST THEN IT HIT ME......I am going to make some ATC's that can be added to a 12 x 12 page as a page accent so two birds one stone. Do you know what I mean? Yes I am getting excited over here. What are you creating lately? I totally get the entire bad side of the world of money. So to make it so that kids are not seeing it as well we have been turning the TV off a lot and doing fun little projects. We are getting great together time in and I am getting things made that I did not otherwise have time for. So many creative things to little time.

Well I must get back to putting people to bed. The big kids just finished mid-terms so it will be back to normal around here. The great thing about big tests for me is all of the things that you forgot you knew about science and history. They are all there in the notes. Everything from battles to hybrids, it was all there to refresh my 38 year old memory. What fun being a mom!

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