Thursday, November 20, 2008

While You Where Sleeping!

I have four kids as you may all know. They are four fabulously different kids. They are alike in some things but different in most. Except this. When they sleep they each become my babies again. That peace is there from the first days of bringing a baby home from the hospital. No, not when they are screaming the hungry cry or the wet cry. I mean that moment when the house is totally peaceful and you are holding this brand new perfect little baby and you can't think of any moment in your life being better then this one. You realize you have it. You have the dream of total unconditional love that goes both ways. Well then they get bigger and those moments are very hard to find. So I say look for it. I love going into see them at night after they have fallen asleep. It makes you realize why you do all you do for them. Why you are so lucky to have these little pieces of heaven. The other night, my piece of Heaven was found on the couch. One minute they where looking at the book and the next this is the scene. Right after the photo Noah had to be removed before he kicked Logan in the head, but the faces to me are priceless. The faces of Peace, Love and Pure Joy that I feel every time I look at one of my 4 little friends. And isn't that what the upcoming season is all about!



Melissa said...

I absolutely love this photo and post. Each day is a gift- it sounds so cliche but it couldnt be more true.
Thanks for stopping by my blog. I appreciate your kind words-it means so much...perfect timing. I really needed that :)
Its great to have big girl friends in this crazy online schoolyard.

Ooty said...

Oh so true!!! Great pic!!