Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Tree Lot is Open!

Have you seen it popping up everywhere. You know, tree lots. Maybe a firehouse, or a church parking lot or even a regular nursery is changing over to a Christmas Tree Retailer. Isn't it incredible how quick they can get a bunch of trees up and ready to go, when just Tuesday they where all empty parking lots. So here is my contribution. I have been making a bunch of trees in many different greens and shipping them all over the world for people to create their own tree lot at home. How much fun!
So, like the tree lot with many different shapes and sizes, I have many ideas I would like to do with my blog. I am a big HOUSE freak. I love homes and decorating like many of you. Plus I love the little things that make our lives a little easier, a little better and hopefully cheaper. So I am bringing in a guest blogger once a week. Her name is Wendy and she is my big sis. She, like I, thrive on creating and making things pretty. From her FABULOUS parties and events to just living a creative everyday life, I am sure you all will love her as much as I do and find inspiration from her every week that she stops by to chat with us. You will all meet her this weekend when she posts her first blog entry about some GREAT gift giving ideas for this holiday season that aren't going to break you. So please welcome her and give some great comments to make her feel at home!

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Melissa said...

Happy Thanksgiving blessings to you & your family!