Saturday, November 15, 2008


Yes I know that I have 4 kids, a husband and a Lab but here are my latest addition. Guinea Hens. My oldest son Josh had gotten Lyme Disease this summer from a tick. And it is rising across the state. We live near the water so there is nothing we can put down to kill them and we are really trying to go green and be better to our earth so we got these 10 new friends. They love to eat ticks. They eat and eat and then my family stays health...we hope.

When Josh got sick it seemed to go on and on. first we couldn't figure out what was wrong with him and then once we did he still was not right for a while. How can a little bug make such a healthy kid sick? It makes no sense to me but we are trying to help this with our little friends. When you first get them you leave them in their house so they figure out that is their home. Then you let them out and they should come back tonight to roost...we hope. We have three acres so I am wondering if they can tell the difference in a boundary marker and not bother our neighbors. They really like to wonder and I hope they wonder their way to the hen house tonight.


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