Thursday, November 13, 2008

What Does The Word "VINTAGE" Mean to You?

Yes I know that VINTAGE is used when talking about the new wave of old things or "used" coming back in style. But there are so many other ways it is used as well. So what is the true meaning. Heck I looked it up in the dictionary and then on an on-line dictionary and I was even more confused because now it is used a bit different then before. Am I making any sense? The reason I ask is because vintage to me is more a look or a feeling rather then a used dress. This child and snowman is fabulous and gives me that Vintage feeling. OK, if I am wrong and have not used this properly I am truly sorry...but I think Vintage is great!

So are we all out there scrapbooking? I know, I know, we are all very busy. But let me tell you I am finding a bit of relief in sitting and creating. I love to create and I know that you all do to. Have you thought of asking those little people running around your house to sit down and work with you? You can give them some of your old stuff to work with. They will love it and you will have spent time together that was not in the car, or them on the field and you freezing on the sidelines. I hear so many grown women say..."oh I'm not creative" or "my mom never did that kind of thing with me". Pull up a chair kids lets make something together. You will feel so good about the time spent, besides, isn't it that time of year to start a new tradition!


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