Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I have been having so much fun making these. I have a great collection of paper that is dying to be made into something and these guys are the perfect fit. I have only been using card stock so far but I may add some of the really pretty lighter weight papers as well. What to do, what to do? I just can't stop making new ones!New paper has arrived as well. Some of the Basic Grey Wassail has arrived in our neck of the woods. Plus more trees and snowmen to add to our collection of stickers, trees, and stars. Have you all thought about what projects you are working on this holiday season? Have you ever done a 25 days of Christmas project. If in book form or like me, I am doing the 25 days in ATC form, you will really feel like you accomplished something with your scrapbooking. And isn't that every scrapers biggest complaint...not getting it done. I started by sketching some of the days out already. If I get a day with a little more time I may get a couple done at once so I finish before Christmas!

Many of you have asked if I am going to offer Gift Certificates. I am going to add some to my site. If there is a certain amount that you would like and don't see please just convo me so we can get you what you are lo0king for. Even if it is only 5.00 I am more then happy to do this for you. Plus If you would like me to send to the person you are buying it for I will do that or send in a email. In both cases I would just need yours and their info!


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Melissa said...

These matchbooks are great!