Wednesday, February 24, 2010


So as it goes here in the North East we have snow again. We have been very lucky and missed most of it. But last night it hit with a bang. As I was watching Pat out the window plowing, I turned to my left and there in my paper stacks was a pretty paper sticking out from Graphic 45. And oh the thoughts that went from one side of my snow filled brain to the other. Then it hit me, lets make a little wearable from this pretty paper and so I did. I went to my trusty stack of washers and pulled out the perfect size for the clock that I had my eye on in the center of the paper. It all was down hill from there. I punched, cut, burnished, glued, dried and finished off with a layer or two of Diamond Glaze. And there you go, this pretty paper will be around my neck or should I say around Morgans because she already has her eye on it.

So that is part of my paper mission this year. Add all of these beautiful papers into my everyday life. I love creating new and fun projects like this, don't you!


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