Friday, February 12, 2010

Mrs. Petersons Special Valentine

Mrs. Peterson is Logan's K-Teacher. She is wonderful. Everything you would want in a 5 year old's teacher from being nice to teaching the kids how to get along. So Logan looks at me with those big eyes and says..."can you make Mrs. Peterson one of your cards?" How could I say no?

So I have been having a ball with the streamers but didn't have the right color. Now if my Glimmer Mist had arrived by now I would have just sprayed white to the color I needed. But it is not here yet. So I folded pink inside of white and it gave me a soft color once I folded it. I punched a butterfly out of these wonderful K & Co. papers and turned it over. I bent the wings and glued down only the body so it looked like it was coming right off the page. There where some little left overs from me trimming the streamers so I tucked those under the heart. Added a little gold metallic ink around the edges and there you are the cute little Valentine that I know he can hand her with pride. I love creating things!


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Shannon said...

I love the effect of using the tissue paper. It looks like it has movement!

Thanks, Shannon