Wednesday, February 18, 2009

All About Me!

I love when I see a scrapbooker enter one of their "ALL ABOUT ME" pages into a contest, mag, or online zine. You can see all of these little things about her you may other wise not know. And at the same time the obvious has been all pulled together in one area as well. So many of us put ourselves last, and this is a good way to remind yourself that you are still here. You just happened to have other layers that make you up.

I did my all about me on a upper case "A". I felt like, how could I ever fill a entire 12 x 12 page. I just started my large "A" and I can see how I could fill it, that is for sure. It is far from being done. I have been working on it for a couple of days and I keep thinking of more things to add. Everything that I have used so far has something to do with me. I started by adding the 38 at the bottom because that is my age when I am creating this. Everything has a meaning. Something would only be obvious to me, but isn't that the reason for this exercise. To look at yourself and who you are. How many of you knew I collect stamps. Yes, the same girl who LOVES speed, likes the idea of collecting a little history when collecting stamps. To me the big flower is my incredible love for gardening. The clock represents my dad, why you ask? Growing up there was never a good enough excuse if you tried to blame things not getting done on not having enough time. He always said..."AmyLynn, we all have the same 24 hours in a day it is just how you use it" Well, AmyLynn is still looking for that 27 1/2 work day but it is not showing up.

And please lets not forget about the crown. As every woman worth her weight, you should truly BELIEVE you are a QUEEN. You are totally incredible and the back bone of so much. Many would look at this and just see a cute little embellishment, but I know it means that I am the QUEEN around here even if no one else knows it.

So, so many of these little ideas that you can go and use as well. Try making an all about me project. You can try it on a letter such as I did or you can do it on any size page. What about a all about me mini book? There is a great idea as well. Just do something and maybe you will learn something about yourself that you may not know or have forgotten in the crazy wacky thing called life!



V and Co. said...

i really wish that i was better with paper. i see all the cute things you make and makes me want to try!

Erin said...

oh that is so cool. I saw some letter cutouts like that but had no vision. You do wonders with them!