Thursday, February 5, 2009

How Do You Use That Product?

I have many people ask me how I use certain embellishments that I make. They know they like the embellishment, but they aren't sure what they would do with it. This has led me to actively try to use the new products I create in projects that you can draw inspiration from. Here is a ATC or could be used as a GIFT TAG, just needs a whole punched. I took some scraps of paper, I like to call them "table scraps", and layer them in no certain size onto one of my base chipboard ATC's. Next, I took one of my Paris Base Cards and cut out the image. Then I took one of the chipboard frames in the middle size and turned it over. OK, this is where my mind starts to work over time every once and a while. I was working last night and I turned over this little frame and realized that there is a impression on the back, along the edges, from me die cutting it. Well, next I took a brown marker to it and it ends up kind of looking like a real piece of metal. The lesson here...TURN THINGS OVER! Any who, I attached those with a couple of dark brads lending to the metal look and added one of the flowers from my new sets. And there you go. It looks like a little piece of ATC/ACEO heaven to me. And of course my most important lesson that I ever learned from SHREK was about LAYERS. You know, the entire thing where he explains to Donkey that he is made up of layers like a onion. Yes, I am the mother of a lot of kids...can you tell. I am happy with it and I hope it inspires you as well to put together some odds and ends and create something fabulous today as well. So here is the list of products I used to finish this look...

~Chipboard ATC

~Image cut from Paris Atc Base Cards

~Chipboard Frame the middle size(on the back)

~New Layered Burg Flowers

~and some brads and scrap paper I had laying around!

Now I am taking the dive into this blossoming art form, jump with me. It is kind of like a great mix of medias and fun things you have laying around to create something GREAT!


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