Monday, February 16, 2009


Well, Valentines Day is over and this is always my indicator that SPRING is on the way. All of the seed and plant catalogs are arriving daily. I LOVE the SPRING. I can't help myself. The new life thing with baby birds and passing by a farm with baby lambs always gets me excited.

I started this set of journal tags a couple of weeks ago and just released them on Sunday. They are actually my first set of Kraft colored paper. I love the black on them. I am for sure going to make more of these. I have some great old Easter decorations. And I love to add to them. I stopped by a great country store that had the cutest Easter stuff. It makes me want to go home and change everything. I love change and that is why I love SPRING!

I also brought back my Easter Flashcards set. How exciting to have holiday flashcards. I also like tucking these guys in behind a picture in an unexpected area on a page. I love using them vertical. That really draws your eye in.

And how can I have all of this SPRING and Easter happiness without some darn cute Easter stickers? Well I can't and I think these ones are going to go over really well. The picture does not do them justice that is for sure. Some of them have glitter( the kind that doesn't come off all over you). They would be so great to seal and envelope or add to a Easter Basket.

So here are a few new things for you to look at over at so check these and other great handmade items out. I as always would love to hear what you think or if there is something else you are looking for but don't see here!


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mommylion said...

Love your Etsy shop...