Sunday, February 8, 2009

Hugs For Caden From Logan

It is hard to see the stamp on Logans 4 year old hand, but it says "HUGS FOR CADEN". Caden is a 4 year old little boy in Logans Pre-K class that has Mitochondrial Disease. He has been in and out of the hospital many times over the last few months. We attended a benefit in his honor last night to raise money to help with the mounting cost of his medical expenses. About 3 weeks ago, Logan and I had stopped to take money out of a ATM and on the board behind it was a flyer and a picture of his friend Caden. Logan had me read the flyer to him. After he wanted me to explain to him what a benefit was. I told him as simply as I could that people would go and eat and bring a couple extra dollars to help out Caden and his family. We went and got back in the car and ran around and went home. That afternoon, while doing laundry, he commented on the jar on the dryer that had change in it that I pulled out of peoples pockets before washing. He looked at me and said, "is there a couple of dollars in there"? I told him sure there must be. He then asked, totally from his GIANT four year old heart, "can we give that to Caden"? I said sure and the rest was history. Every time he saw even a penny on the ground in the parking lot he would pick it up and put it in what had become CADENS JAR. He called people to request..." just a couple of dollars". My mom and dad jumped right in. Pat told people at work about it and his great friends (Wes & Sherry) sent Logan money for the jar as well. It was just WONDERFUL. So proud, he carried that great big jar in last night and gave it to Cadens mom. I had everything to do not to cry from the pride that was inside me that Logan could care so much for someone else at 4. So this Sunday, instead of talking about some great new product or a fun new project I just finished, I HONOR my LOGAN and thank God for this incredible boy he has added to my life. He is a loving and caring soul. I could take credit for it but if you know Logan, you know he was just born that way!



MorganTaylor said...

oh Logan is so cute im so glad he was so helpful to his friend Caden

Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

Happy Valentines Day!

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Anonymous said...

aww, seriously AL, Logan is a little angel! Give him great big hugs and smoochies from mad miss maisy :) xxx