Monday, February 14, 2011

Well, at least the sun came out this Valentines Day. This was this morning just as the sun was coming up at the other end of the pond. I sometimes think Valentines is for so many other things you love beside your other half. I have such passion for so many things in my life including my husband and our section of Earth is one of them. I 110% LOVE it here. The yard makes me truly feel like I am finally at home. We have been here for 4 years now and it seems like that started just 4 days ago. This is the place that all of those things that are important in life can happen. Parties, holidays and many other gatherings. This house is on the piece of land where someday we may meet in-laws and grandchildren.

So why did I choose my backyard to talk about this Valentines Day? That is simple. This is where it is at. If it is true that love is always with you, then this is what love looks like to me. Where I will make memories with the 5 most important people in the world to me. Because lets face it, so many of the things we do are because of how we are raised. And since I choose to raise these four souls here then this is where my heart is. This is where any of them can come home to someday and know that this is total sanctuary. This is where you are loved no matter what and accepted for all of your flaws and triumphs in life.

Love can be romantic, love can be a dream come true. But in this house love is the only thing you should know for sure when you walk in the door or down to the pond. No matter what, love can always be found here. Especially on Valentines Day!



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