Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Yes, this was Morgans sugars this morning. 314 as a mother totally SUCKS. I know that means she has been snacking and not taking the two seconds to push the buttons for insulin. How hard is it to make the choice to take care if yourself? And I know that it is because she is 17 and doesn't really care about anything but the clothes she is wearing and the big choice between brown or black eye liner. Wow this can be hard to sit back and watch when it comes to her health. Especially when she is not with you all day.
Any who, lets talk about something Happy. The new set of nine flowers are on the way. What a group statement they make. Two of the frames arrived broken so once the new ones are here you will see the picks of this lovely and large grouping that is just fabulous together. This will be so wonderful if you have a large wall that needs something to fill it. One large print can be very expensive, so this is going to be a great alternative for you.
Also on the way are the new Easter prints. How fun and the look of vintage beauties like bunnies and eggs. Lots going on here at the studio this week so I better get back to work. Not to mention all the schedules for the kids this week so I better get back to work!

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