Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Valentines Are on The Way

Well the Valentines are covering the Dinning Room table. Tonight is the night the boys write their names and their friends names on all of the cards. I used to love when I was able to exchange them. I loved making the bag that hung on the front of my desk that all of my friends, including my husband, would put my valentines in. AHHHH, the good old days. Well I went into the boys rooms at school and volunteered today. There, where all of the creative Valentine Holders that the classes created for the upcoming holiday. I actually started to get excited. I love things like this. I love that the fun I had is still there for them to enjoy.

Have you started you Valentines with your kids? I purchased them today and the fun thing I located where cards that had pencils with them. Last year they picked ones with stickers for them to give away with the cards but before they even left the house the stickers where all falling off. Not fun. In fact, the concept that it is not a big deal was totally lost on Noah. He did not agree and found it to be a really big deal!

Well we have to be going to basketball tonight so I better run.



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