Sunday, February 6, 2011

Semi Formal Time!

Well aren't they just so cute. My Morgan and her date Paul on their way to the Semi Formal. And what a night it was just trying to get there. Yes, another fun weather night here in the Northeast. I am not sure what was worse, the freezing rain, the ice hitting you in the head or the thunder and lightning storm that seemed to come out of no where. We are lucky we did not slip and slide our way from point A to Point B and totally have no control over any of it. Well these two made it there without a problem. But I gained a couple more grey hairs getting them their safe.
Well, off to pick up some great food to cook for the Super Bowl Eat Fest we will be having here. Four kids will want me to make things that they wait for every year at Superbowl time. Off to have a great family day!


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angels19246 said...

Hey Amy It's Christine(chrissy) your cousin. just trying to find you. your daughter looks really beautiful. send me an email