Friday, May 30, 2008

Hello Old Friends, It Has Been a While!

Yes, it is true you have not heard from me in a week or two. Life has been crazy. You take a couple of days off to go to a convention and it sets things back in a big way. So how are you all? Well I am Fabulous! I came back with many great products and ran into companies that I didn't know existed. I hope you have seen some of the new products on the site. Many have tried them, so get um while they are HOT! The above pic was the only photo I took at the entire convention. Can you believe it? I can't. I was just so excited to be there that I could only do one thing at a time I guess. This was from the Friday night Crop. There where 100's of woman in this room and it got a little crazy every once and a while(in a good way). This industry is so incredible and I am so glad to be a part of it.
Now for some new stuff. From paper to acrylic it is all being rolled out little by little. I am in the middle of a new organization plan for storage. When you take two seconds to pull everything apart and rearrange, you can't believe what you will find. I am always amazed by this. I am always looking for new ways to streamline the lives of the 6 people, one dog, two lizards, and one Albino African Frog. The frog is not my favorite family member, he has claws.
New Owl papers that I haven't carried before are on the way plus, I am hooking up with this company from down under for their incredible line of paper products. I am also still finishing up some of my own very popular creations, thanks to you guys, for you to all have some great things to bring on vacation and play with while everyone has gone down to the beach to give you a minute alone.
So I am off to start my very busy day which will begin with orders then move to shaking in a dash of creativity and end with taking Josh and his friend Jess to the movies tonight to see Indie. I hope it is good. I loved the original ones when I was a kid. But I am really excited about the popcorn and soda. I haven't been to a movie in forever. I am going to eat sparingly today because I know what they put on that popcorn is like a weeks worth of calories. And lets not even speak of the ice cream those boys are going to want on the way home!


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Anonymous said...

Hey AL! I LOVE the new chipboard houses and these other chipboard shapes are really cute too:
I can't believe the convention was so busy but I'm really glad yo had fun and I guessw you are already crossing off the days till the next one :)