Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I am so excited to go to convention. As I write this, mister Noah had just said "get my trucks" about 20 times in a row. Yup, Pat will be getting those trucks this weekend. While I will be having a bit of peace. No one to get me up in the night. It will be like going to a spa.

Anyway, I am bringing lots of lists of products that many of you have requested for me to find. The great thing about the conventions are you can see things in front of you. I know in the past I have missed purchasing something fabulous because the pictures on line did not do it justice. So make sure you are on line with Brambleberry Lane next week for many new items.

So today is the day I make sure everything is ready for the people I am leaving here. I need to make sure Morgan has enough insulin. Josh can find his French horn(how he can't amazes me since it is so big) and his baseball equipment. Make sure all of the sippy cups and tops are lined up for the two little ones. And that my husband has plenty of yummy food to eat. Yes, this is just a couple of things I will be doing today in preparation for me getting two seconds to myself. Yes, starting Brambleberry Lane was just a part of my master plan to get away from my family for two days of the year. I have been plotting this master plan for years! Every time I have another child it is simply to hide the fact that I was trying to get a couple days off. Come on if you are going to have 4 kids, who would expect that it is just to hide a secret life. See how good I am. Do you also see how much I need this time to travel in the world of paper.


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