Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Oh how I LOVE PAPER! I know, I know, it is not real and I am not supposed to love it. But don't hate me but I do. So I am looking to bring these papers into every corner of my life and give you all ideas on how to do the same.

I made these for some of the gals in my life for Christmas. In fact once I started, I just couldn't stop. They are made with some of the vintage papers that I carry at Brambleberry Lane. I have many that are made and ready to be ordered. There is a fabulous one made from a vintage book that my daughter picked up for me at a antique store.

Then there is the music one that my parents ran into some old music sheets down south last winter.

Then there is the big bangle that I made out of some great 7 Gypsies paper I had in my stash of fun. They are all top coated so they can be worn for any fun and funky event. I will list the pictures of the ones I made for my sister and her girls once I get pictures. The black origami paper that I used for hers is FABULOUS.

Next are my many Fleur de Li's sticker sets in many fun and bright colors. I am chomping my way from one paper to another to find something for everyone!


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