Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Well I was thinking, and I figured I should start showing everyone some of the handmade items that I have created for this holiday season. As many of you know, I have totally branched out from just scrapbooking with the beautiful papers that I have in my stash. No matter if it is a stack of vintage music books or some great new Cosmo paper, I am trying to use it rather then stash it. So lets start with this years Kitchen Tree. I try to make this something new and fun every year. And if it is a crazy year I resort to using a bunch of my antique cookie cutters to adorn it.

This year I have used my die cutting fun to create some great ornaments that could have been around 50 years ago. I have been sorting all of the different ideas I have seen and kept running into past holidays that paper ornaments where used. So I pulled out some of my "fine" glitter. This is so easy to do with any die cutting system that you have. Or drop me a line and I can get you some of these fun shapes. So I cut them and lined with a little glue so you could still see to the old music sheets once the glitter and glue dried. And that was it. I added a couple of Candy Canes and there you are. A Kitchen Christmas tree that makes people say..." you made all of those ornaments yourself?" I love answering yes to that question.

So tonight's homework is to create something for your holiday home this year. You will really enjoy making and decorating with your own handmade ornaments!


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