Wednesday, December 16, 2009


There they are, my people. Yup, I created every last one of them with a great since of pride. But as I seal the last holiday envelope with their picture enclosed, I realize all that they have taught me. Started at the center is Noah( the little Red Head). I never realized that JOY was so free. Freely given and freely received. His smile is as big as the sun and his humor has no limit. He has a bit of little devil but he is 100% heaven sent boy.

Then there is Logan(the little blond beside my daughter. Well how do you describe HEAVEN ON EARTH? I tell my husband that there is a song that describes the way I feel about Logan coming into my life by Rascal Flats..."God Blessed the Broken Road"...that lead me straight to you. No matter what ever bad things could have ever happened in life, getting to the moment I meet Logan made it all worth it. If you can not see his mouth when he smiles, only his eyes...well, I have truly seen the meaning in real life of Irish Eyes a Smiling.

Next is my Joshua all the way on the left. He is going to be a heart breaker. He warms my heart every time I see him. He has the most beautiful little face and boy can he charm his mother. I know that he is a little troublesome truck some times but does he ever have my heart strings wrapped around his finger.

Then there is my Morgan. My dearest Morgan. She is my only girl. Hope, Faith and Love all wrapped up in a package. My husband may be my partner, but Morgan is my right hand gal. She has always been there to help me out when I need it and support me along our road of life. No one could ask for a better daughter because I have the best.

Now, in between everyone of the pictures taken, the four of them where not thrilled. Noah would not look at the camera. Josh would make a funny face at the wrong time and Morgan kept trying to keep all of her little brothers in line. Believe me when I say that I know how important family is. But I never knew how much a picture would mean to me until I started photographing these four. They are my loves and my life. And when you add Pat in it makes the circle complete. Alone we are just one of six, together we are a VERY BLESSED family!


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gorgeous family....great pic..!!