Tuesday, April 29, 2008


THAT'S RIGHT, STICK WITH ME! I am in love with creating. Some times I am just diving along and I reach over to the basket in the passenger seat and notice for some strange reason I have a paper punch with me. And yes I start to punch. I look forward to every stop light. I punch, punch, punch until I see how many at each light I can punch out. I think I have lost it. Here I am laughing at myself as a drive looking forward to every red light I can. I used to try to avoid red lights. Now they are another chance to create.

So the requests for more three packs of flowers are pouring in so they are on the way. Plus I have started doing some really large ones as well...3", 4", and bigger. You will see those today. Also coming out today are the HORSE and TEA FOR TWO sticker sets. Plus all of the fun flower and star stickers that have been so popular will jump to new choices. Now this all hinges on the fact if there is enough Dunkin Donuts Coffee left over there on the counter. Truly what keeps this American running. Many new papers will be arriving over the next few weeks. PLUS, I am going to a convention in two weeks which should land you all a bunch of new stuff for your buying pleasure.

And just a little side note about a crying mother. My son was chosen for All County Band, which means a few kids from each of 15 schools where choosen to play in this large group band. I found myself part way into the first song crying out of complete joy that this incredible little boy has been asked to be part of this. An entire audience could see the incredible boy that I am so blessed to wake up everymorning and put to bed every night. I truely love him to the moon and back again!

Alrighty then, it is time to get to work and see what pops out of this wonderful studio of happiness and joy today. Thanks to all of the great people that stop by Brambleberry Lane everyday and leave me great comments and wonderful orders. THANK YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!

And as always....


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Anonymous said...

Yay!!! Well the All County Band is lucky to have son-of-BrambleAL on board, that's what I say! Many congrats plus a huge hug and 'thank you' for including my mcnovelties on here - I am so happy and flattered :) I am a little concerned though that we need to find you some sticker-therapy... SO MANY NEW ONES (wait, who am I kidding? I am LOVING them all!) x