Monday, June 22, 2009


Yes, we all know how much I love stickers. But when I come up with three new sets in one day I am over the moon! From houses to flowers and don't forget a couple new friendly bugs, this group will contain some of every ones new favs.

Lets start with these great house stickers. What CAN'T you use these little gems for. Maybe as simple as a seal for your change of address. Or added to the page of your next adventure in moving. I love, love, love these new little houses and what they can be used on will be step up a notch.

Next are these darn cute pink and blue set that I used some of the great new Cosmo Cricket paper to make. They are darling and every sticker is different. They are a wonderful soft color pallet on the beautiful Cosmo card stock that you won't be able to resist!

The last set of 16 1"(2.5cm) stickers have a great shine to them and can not be held back from screaming G~I~R~L~Y! I really love the fact that they are dark pink. It makes them a bit different because they will stand out for their great color and shine.

So which set will be arriving at your door shortly? Or maybe all 3. Either way you will love what you purchase at BRAMBLEBERRY LANE!


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