Monday, June 15, 2009


Point Me in the Right Direction NEW Sticker Set!

So when I drop the ball with blogging and miss a few days, my dad lets me know about it. I have been listening to him let me know that I have not been keeping up with the updates. So HI DAD! Here is what I have been up to. I love these fingers. Yes the finger is pointed in your direction. So pick some up for your next project. You can use them to give direction on a page. Maybe on the front of a envelope to give interest to your mail piece. What ever you add these 1" set of 16 stickers are just the ticket!

What is next?

Well, I have a tray of new holiday items I am working on. Yes I said holiday. This is the position that I am in this time every year when I have to think of myself as a retailer. There are many new holiday stickers and some cute combo packs that I think you will all enjoy. I am just leaving them until the end of the month. Plus more papers are arriving. Well I need to make more stickers for more weddings and other fun events so have a great night all and I will check in again soon. I PROMISE DAD!


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