Thursday, May 31, 2012

From Gram to Me

Many years ago I was given a few of my Grandmothers and Great Grandmothers peonies.  My mother had a couple in her yard and my great aunt(grams sister) had some in hers.  Unfortunately, about 13 years ago I had to move from the home. I had transplanted them there and my wonderful parents where kind enough to dig them up and adopt them for me until I landed in my home.  In the moving here and there we had many roots multiplied so we where lucky enough to separate them again and have more. 

But when I moved this plant you could tell it was very old.  The root system was giant.  As I walked across the yard to place it in its new home I realized that my grandmother had one day long ago, planted these peonies just as I was.  In my hands was something that she so lovingly took care of and I wanted to do the same. 
Now I know that everyone has something passed down like a wonderful vase or a beautiful tea cup and that is very important.  But the fact that I am the third generation to take care and grow these plants every year seems to me to be very special.  Just like my Grandmother was to me!


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Dori said...

I so understand. I have a peony from my grandparent's garden. It has traveled with me, living and blooming in several gardens, and surviving in a pot for nearly two years while we built our current home. Mine is white, like yours, and has yet to bloom this year, but the buds are plump and I wait with anticipation. :)