Monday, March 7, 2011


16, WOW it is incredible that my lovely God Daughter is 16. We had a wonderful Mardi Gras themed cocktail party for her. I know we all say how life goes by so quick, but it amazes me all the time how true that is. This little girl and now young lady by the law of percentages should not even be here today. When her mom was pregnant with her, her mothers water broke at only 23 weeks. They will not help at the hospital until you are 24 weeks because the baby would not be able to survive. A wonderful doc basically lied to the hospital to the staff so they would give her the medication to stop labor. Meg's mom laid in the hospital for 10 weeks until she just couldn't wait anymore and decided to show her beautiful face to the world. Born at just over 3 pounds, and weeks in the NIC U, here she is. A 16 year old healthy, happy and beautiful girl.

The boys and my hubby had a ball!

Wendy and I love any reason to get dressed up and dance!

As the night came to a end it went by all so quick!



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