Friday, March 4, 2011


As you all know on Fridays I pick a product that I actually have used for myself or my family. This week are my most FAVORITE boots from one of my favorite places LL Bean! I purchased this just before all heck broke loose in the Northeast and all we had was snow, snow and more snow. And now of course we have water, water and more water. Well I am lying, some where in between the snow and water is a ton of ice because it has been so cold here. Yup, the perfect winter for a boot purchase.

So what do I think of them? They first off hit the important points when it comes to boots...

1. They are warm

2. My feet are dry

and the most important point of all....

3. I look cute in them!

So this is a big fat OH YEAH! When money is tight like it is at this time in our history, you don't want to waist money. So I think this is well worth the price!



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