Friday, June 11, 2010


I know that I have said many times before how much I love paper. But I haven't said it today. I really love paper! I started last year with the home dec for the walls and so many more areas that have to start with paper. And these have been very popular. These are now on the site. Check them all out HERE!
These are all made with vintage book pages.

I have used dictionary as well as music to create these beautiful prints. I can't wait to here what everyone thinks. I have been working a while on getting a big collection ready for release. I wanted everyone to have a choice across the board on what they liked.
And I am not done yet. Ask my husband, I have a list a mile long to create and I am having a ball doing it.

For instance this golf guy is perfect for the man in your life. It is so hard to find a present or even a print for a gentleman's office or study that is not girly. With one like this you can like it as well. The vintage papers are beautiful and I know the computer screen doesn't due them justice. The book pages themselves are a warm color from age. Oh and I forgot, during the month of JUNE, when you purchase 4 you will get the 5Th print FREE! So take advantage of that. Plus you only pay shipping on the first one and they are free after that.

So let me know what you all think. I will be adding more all of the time so go and check them out HERE!

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Jan said...

So neat andI just love your video and hope to see more of Paris soon!